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Creating Change Through Collaboration

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I believe that our power is in our stories and I aim to use mine to help others. As a first-generation Mexican-American and the first in my family to pursue a higher education, I hope to inspire other Latinx students to set their eyes on aspirational goals and become trailblazers themselves. After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2014, I've made it my mission to share my health journey to teach others that you can thrive and live a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life despite having a chronic illness. From publishing in scientific journals, to dealing with depression, to becoming a strong self-advocate for my health, I love talking about it all!

Past Events

Community Table Diabetes Panel

Moderating a panel talking about all things diabetes research, tech, and advancements.

Type 2 Diabetes Stigma Panel

I moderated this panel about the stigma surrounding using insulin in the type 2 diabetes community.

Path to Publishing Virtual Panel

As a panelists, I shared my experience as a published researcher with Latinx students at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Community Table Panel

Panelist on the topic of body image and stigma in diabetes.

POCLWD Virtual Summit

As a panelist I shared my experience as a Latina woman living with type 2 diabetes and how I advocate for my own health.

What people are saying

"Really interesting, 'pre-grieving' I haven't heard of that term, but it's highly relatable." - Jessica L 

"Wow! I learn so much about diabetes because of you! I had no idea how much you have to actively pay attention and be prepared for things. I honestly used to think it was simply taking insulin every morning and then going about your day with nothing else to worry about." - Korie D 

"That was beautiful! You are so poised and well-spoken. Thank you for being so vulnerable your story is completely relatable." -Kate F

"Thanks for sharing Liz! I feel like when helping parents we feel like it is what we are supposed to do but many times do not think of the toll it takes on our own mental health." -Jim T

"Their stories gave me answers to my question of challenges as a first-generation college Latina student...Their stories gave me a realization of the same struggles they faced. There's help and a bigger sense of community now." - college student in Latino Studies course

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for the info and everything you provide. I had a follow up today to see how insulin is going and I've been saying for some time that something isn't right as I'm increasing units but my sugar levels aren't changing and that I felt I needed something in the afternoon too. No one listened to me but yesterday I put my foot down and I'm changing my regime. Honestly [I] think if I hadn't seen your posts and stories that I wouldn't have said anything so a big massive thank you. " -Leigh B

Let's collab!

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