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Your mental health matters.

In many cultures and society, not just in my Mexican culture, it's still quite taboo and stigmatized to talk about our mental health. I say it's time to speak up, speak out, and make room for people to start healing.

You Are Not Alone

I don't remember most of my childhood and early teen years because my brain has blocked out all the trauma as a coping mechanism. I lost my dad to a neurodegenerative disease when I was 14. For years, I watched my dad's health deteriorate until he was bedridden and barely able to speak. When he passed away, all I remember is wanting to jump out of the hospital's six-story window. That's when my journey with depression started. 

For years, I battled bouts of depression and anxiety. I was self-harming as a teen and then turned to drinking as my coping mechanism, instead of dealing with my trauma and healing. I silently struggled with my demons until one day that changed it all. On January 14, 2015, I thought about taking my own life. I had just started grad school, moved away from my family, and left behind a mom that was battling stage 4 melanoma. Life felt too painful to continue. But I reached out to a friend who knew how I was feeling, and she saved my life. 

Since that day, I knew I had to talk about my mental health and get help. Through counseling, establishing better coping mechanisms, medication, and building a strong support system, I've been able to live with depression and anxiety. I started a podcast, The L Podcast, to share my journey and help start those conversations that other people, like 2015 Liz, might need.

You are not alone. Sometimes I am on the struggle bus too.

You can always sit with me!

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