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Thriving with diabetes

I've been living with type 2 diabetes for almost a decade and its still an adventure every day! From managing my blood glucose levels to figuring out my management style, taking care of my diabetes has been a full-time job. But it's made me stronger than I could have ever imagine! 


My full-time job is being a content manager for a diabetes non-profit where I write educational resources, share patient stories, and host live panel discussions to start those tough conversations we all need about equity, access, and affordability issues in diabetes care. I do create resources for other types of diabetes in addition to type 2 diabetes. Check out some of my diabetes articles below!

 Diabetes Management

 Meds + Tech

 Personal + Patient Stories

 Diabetes + Mental Health


 Community Issues + Diabetes 

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned for 2024 events

Beyond Type 2
Surviving The Holidays With Diabetes

BT2-SURVIVING-THE-HOIDAYS-EVENT-NOVEMBER-2022_1080x1080 (Square)-01.png

Past Events

2022 People of Color Living with Diabetes Virtual Summit

Beyond Type 2 ES:
Apoyando A Mi Ser Querido Con Diabetes

Community Table:
Drugs, Alcohol, + Diabetes

Beyond Type 2:
Stop The Stigma: Insulin Use + Type 2 Diabetes Panel Discussion


Community Table: Research Tech Updates + Advancements

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