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I never thought I'd start a podcast, but when I found out a loved one was struggling with suicidal thoughts I realized that I couldn't wait to share my story because it could help someone who really needs it. I had tried blogging before, but with writing being a major part of my career, it kind of sucked the fun out of making it a hobby. So I decided to stop stalling and start podcasting.

I started the L Podcast in January of 2022 and have loved every moment of it! I believe in sharing my story (and that of others) and the skills, life lessons, and raw emotions that come with each chapter.

I try to focus each episode around an L: 

learning, leveling up, loving yourself, and letting go of what is no longer serving you. I drop the occasional poop pun and just try to keep it real!

Help shape the future of The L Podcast

The L Podcast is in Season 3! Because this podcast was started with YOU in mind, I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback as I plan future episodes. All responses are anonymous, unless you'd like to be a guest! Thank you for two wonderful seasons and I can't wait for what 2024 will bring!       

Thank you,

Liz Kopco
Founder & Host of The L Podcast

Season 3

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Season 1

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